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I just committed to buying a sealed 12# jug of SR4756. I've never used it before and know it has been discontinued. Anyone here have experience with it?


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Yes sir. I have used it in 32/20 WCF revolver loads for many years. I am about out of the powder, though--and have begun using Herco in its place.

Before it went out-of-print a couple years ago, I used it in 38 Special +P loadings, 357 Magnum/41 Magnum/44 Magnum cast bullet loadings that ran 950-1100 FPS. It seems overall to be a bit slower than Unique and a bit faster than Herco.


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It is a great powder with lots of load data available. Bulky and between Unique and 2400. It doesn't do well until you get to +P Loads, but many accurate and fast loads for the older revolvers.


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That particular load was rated at almost 1500 ......later I learned that 1s and Bs were too big for the wads but the load was as good as as the 3&5s with RXPs and Unique of my youth as long as you remember not to shoot anything inside 20 yd much behind the bill .


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bought some to load some steel 3-1/2 shells, and ended up using it in my 45 colt Lever gun to shoot my first 2 Idaho deer, added in another one [or two?] a couple of years later with the carbine.

I was/am still using a medium power load of it under 250gr bullets.
everyone that seen me shoot the gun always commented on how quiet it was, the sound is more like a
pa-shooo than a boom.
it was still poking along at about 13-1400 fps.
I'd be more than happy to pick up a jug of it, especially at that price.


Redlands, Kalifornistan
I never used SR-4756 until led to it by the late Ken Waters in one of his "Pet Loads" columns in Handloader magazine in the early 1980s. The article dealt with reloading the 32/20 WCF in revolvers, which are a cantankerous lot in general if you plan on hitting what you aim at with the loads. Mr. Waters' Pet Load used a 118 grain cast bullet (Lyman #311008 IIRC) atop 6.0 grains of SR-4756 and a small pistol primer. With bullets that fit the throat of the involved revolver, this load is MAGIC. In the Colt Police Positive Specials so chambered, I tone the load down to 5.4 grains (10% reduction), and the loads shoot very close to where the sights are looking. Likewise with the heavier loads in my Colt Army Special, S&W M&P, and Colt Bisley S/A.

The 32/20 WCF is one of those original black powder calibers that did not make the transition to smokeless powder usage seamlessly. That is a complex discussion not real germane to this thread's subject or evolved content, and I will take that up in a new thread later today. For the subject at hand--SR-4756 powder--I was very sorry to see the fuel get discontinued, and I have never used it in shotshell applications. The IMR shotgun and handgun fuels were never common in my area, Hercules/Alliant ruled the world locally--and still do. When In Rome.....well, NOW IMR is trying imitate Alliant with their new line of shotgun/handgun fuels that have followed the funeral of SR-4756. It IS the sincerest form of flattery, I suppose. A patent/trademark attorney might beg to differ, though.


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I had been looking for SR4756 for about 4 years when I started loading buckshot. Found some at a gun show in 1 pound cans with an original sticker price of $8.95. He was selling it for $11/lb. I ended up with 9 cans + an open almost full can for $100.

Loaded it behind published reloading manual loads. The action was VERY clean. Dropped the powder charge a little and burn was still the same. Shot some 135-160gr cast in a 357 revolver and about as clean as I've ever seen. On target was good too. I'm about to run out of 3N37 so I'm going to give it a try in 9mm next.