Thanks Brad! A place to post "Low Node" stuff


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Not wanting to be elitist or anything like that I asked Brad If we could possibly have a special place for us old guys to post results of working with low V loads at short ranges. For those young guys ...Yes we old folks need a bit less punishment to the body to enjoy our sport!
This way when us "Low Node" guys put up targets we are not getting long range shooter excited by our excellent 50 and 100yd targets!:rofl: isn't that right Ben?
Hey we shoot as far as we see and walk as far as we can!
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Like I said when we were talking about the 600fps 38 S+W, everybody says that bullet doesn't move fast enough to be any kind of real gun, but no one ever volunteers to go stand down range and catch the bullets!!!


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Looking fwd to this! I have a pair of vintage 32 S&W Longs (Colt and S&W); a pair of vintage 32-20s (Colt and S&W) , a vintage Colt 38 SPC and a vintage S&W 1917 45 ACP! Plus an old 45-70! Plus a bunch of lever guns that light cast is great fun with!

PS: Ruh Roh! I am all in on the LoVol rifle loads. Since it is your idea, what are your thoughts on Lo Vol loads with cast for the above?
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Jeff H

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It doesn't have to be going Mach III to be enjoyable.

I have a hard time getting around to developing full-powered loads any more because when I start out "low," I have so much fun I just keep loading them that way. It's funny how many different cartridges I load that shoot well with 7 grains of Unique or 5.5 grains of W231/HP38, which make a pound of powder last a long time.


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Thanks, Jim.

My eyes and as-issued military sights (Garand, 03A3, and the Swedish, Chilean, and Argentine Mausers) are in harmony at 50-yards.


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Excellent idea! I find «low node» shooting fascinating. I have a bit of load development going on (still a quite new concept to me), in fact I’m going to the shop today to get some new shotgun powder. I will post results when I have learned a bit more. Looking forward to this!


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Thanks, Jim.

My eyes and as-issued military sights (Garand, 03A3, and the Swedish, Chilean, and Argentine Mausers) are in harmony at 50-yards.
And as the clock ticks and you keep tearing calendars off the wall, that may one day change to 40 yards...........



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Most cartridge handguns of the 19th Century operated in that "Low Node Mode", and it remained so well into the 20th Century. 675-800 FPS seemed to do the job--reasonably accurate, pleasant to run, and in defensive scenarios of the time it performed adequately.

In rifles, our BPCR compadres have illustrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that sub-sonic elongated bullets can provide accuracy at extreme ranges. Just because a trajectory resembles a rainbow doesn't mean it isn't repeatable and consistent.


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Super idea Jim. Sort of puts me in mind of when Brad and
I were shooting 58 cal muskets, and decided to see just how
low a powder charge we could go and still have a mini exit
the BBl. We got down to 5 gr. of (I believe 3F, and you could
watch the mini arc thru the air. One of them stuck in I 2x4 at
100 yds.



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Okay guys. I need a bit of advice. I just sized and lubed 15 NOE 312299 PB Bullets that weigh right around 209gr give or take a few tenths.
This will be fired in my Rem. 700 in .308
I’m looking for 1400fps or less. I don’t see any load data in any of my manuals. I need some suggestions on powders and charges.
I have a slew of faster powders on hand.
Thanks in advance for the advice. View attachment 7647


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You can start around 10 RD and see how the gun likes it. 12 of 2400 would put you in the same general area. IIRC with Unique you'd be in the 5-6 gr area, but you might want to research that a bit. Should be some 4759 data out there, Lyman maybe?
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Walter, I would choose powder depending on intended use. My first choice for best accuracy would be Unique, but it can be position sensitive in the field. Universal would likely be a better choice for all-around use. Universal is less position-sensitive than Unique, but tends to spike pressure a little sooner and drop off the gas volume/pressure much faster. That isn't necessarily good or bad, just different.


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universal wanders around too much in the velocity department, if I were seeking an alternative for unique it would be 20/28.


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It doesn't have to be going Mach III to be enjoyable.

Mach-2 is about where the enjoyment wears off rather quickly.
I stopped much of the XCB loads where I did because the recoil was really affecting the accuracy potential of ME not the rifle nor the cast bullets, you could see it happening in several of the loads groups where they were clustered together tightly for the first 4-5 shots then flung out as the shooting went on.
the gun was just beating me down at that point, and the last thing I need is to develop a flinch.