The magic place for .30's.


High Steppes of Eastern Washington
Using traditional bullet designs of about 200 grains, almost every full size .30 caliber likes the 1400 - 1450 f/s speed range. Not only 1/10 twist in the big cases, but 1/12 for 170's in the 30/30 and 115's in 1/20 for the 32/20. This is the first place I go when looking for accuracy in a 30 caliber.

Below is a target I shot with an original Newton in .30 USG (.30/06 in modern terminology) in the late 1990's, post front and Lyman 48 rear. It has the Pope-Newton "segmented rifling" system. Everyone who looked at the rifle thought the bore was worn out because there were no lands and grooves.

Pope Newton.png

So here is one of those days when the sky is bright, wind gentle and steady and you are shooting in the groove.

Newton group.jpg
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