Trevor and I at the range today.

Uncle Grinch

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I can just imagine Trevor 40 years from now reminiscing about his range time with you. Ben, you are truly creating memories and not just for you.

I’m proud for you.


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That 686 is a pretty heavy gun to be shooting one handed at that age. Well done!

What cal in the 1911?

Great times, will be fondly remembered by all for a long time.



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Excellent. That matches with my experience that even smaller people, with a bit of
training can shoot the "hard kicking" 1911 in .45 ACP. I have taught a number of women
to shoot, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how many of them prefer the 1911 .45 over
all the other guns that I let them shoot. Before I had taught many students, I decided to
be as even handed as I can and present all the various kinds and models of guns to the students
and let them shoot them all, and decide which one they like.

However, in multiple cases, I have thought that a good steel K-frame Smith in .38 Spl would be
a good, simple choice, lower recoil and such for a female student. I have tried to steer them that
way. Several have taken an immediate liking to the 1911 during the "handling" portion, where we
are in a classroom, and not shooting, just picking up various guns for familiarization.
Since I am very biased in favor of the 1911, and used to assume that it may be 'too much gun' (size,
wieght & recoil) for most women, I have tended to go overboard to NOT push the 1911, and tend
to recommend a .38 Special revolver for beginners. A number of times they were having none of
it, saying "I really like the feel of this one" (191) in the initial handling period, and winding up
shooting it well and preferring it over all others. Ultimately, they will choose, and I am surprised
how often they select the 1911.

It has great ergonomics and is far easier to shoot than most would think who haven't had much
experience with it. If they are going to buy one, I recommend a companion Ruger 22/45 and
shooting more .22 ammo than .45 ammo for the first months, knowing that the cost and lower
recoil and blast are better for the early phase of learning to shoot a pistol well.

I was wondering if that was a 9mm version, which has lower recoil, because he was handling the
recoil very well. All the better with .45 ACP being the cartridge.

Well done, Trevor.

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I am glad he reads the comments! You should be right proud about that lad! You have thought him well and he has a very steady hand for a young person!
I am impressed ! He is a good Lad!


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I remember shooting my only rifle , at age 12 , a Winchester model 67 single shot .22.

I never has access to the firearms ( and ammo ) that Trevor does now at age 9.

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I doubt you had access to the skilled mentorship, either - but perhaps you had that, I
really have no idea.

Trevor is a lucky young man to have a grandfather who is a skilled reloader and great shot,
and who has SO MANY wonderful, often unusual guns available for him to enjoy.

Like th old saying of a "Kid in a candy store"??

Nope better, "Kid in a GUN store!" :D:D

I had my .22 Marlin bolt action rifle in the 9th grade, then a .22 Ruger standard auto in the 10th,
and my father gave me about an hour's instruction on each, and that was it. Go buy yourself
some ammo and practice. He gave me a good basic foundation, and I still credit him with
explaining a proper trigger pull, and still teach my students that way, too. But he had one dbl
barrel shotgun, one sorta sporterized Mauser 98 rebarreled in .30-06 and a K-38. Each a good
solid/wonderful gun, but not lots and nothing rare or unusual - maybe the K-38 which he had used
for bullseye competition years before. He had swaged his own bullets and loaded his ammo
for Bullseye competition, but all that gear was long gone when I was a teen.

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Did good with the trigger finger and the revolver, work with him a bit on the semi. Told my GS if he came and helped me paint the house outside this summer we could go to the range after and shoot. And I would pay him for the painting work. Bribes don't hurt.