Trevor and I at the range today.


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Trevor wanted to shoot about 30 rounds of low velocity plain base through my new Ruger # 1 stainless , 30-30. He really enjoyed the super accurate, low noise, low recoil loads.

7 grs. of B'Eye with an Accurate , plain base , 180 gr., Wolf Large Pistol primers.
Bands sized .311", the nose of the bullet is sized .300" and seated up into the lands.


Trevor shooting my 454 Casull , Super Redhawk with some mild 45 Colts :

I fired 5 ea. 30-30 rounds ( with the load described above ) at 50 yards.
Shoots pretty well...............

Here is the bullet that was used in the group above :

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Nice work, Trevor! (And not so bad yourself, Ben)

I was very blessed in this way--my Dad got me into a Hunter Safety Course at age 10, and I have been afield ever since--often in his company, until he passed in 1994. His Dad died within months of my Dad's birth, and my Dad was determined to be a fixture in my life. I treasure those shooting and fishing memories to this day, and I am sure Trevor will do so as well.


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They will be great memories for Trevor. I remember Sunday shooting matches after church, while the women made fried chicken dinner, with the Appalachian relatives and neighbors. My love for shooting "at a mark" began with the WWII Dads and older uncles and the younger ones just back from Korea betting dimes.


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Always amazes me that these kids are better first time out than us older folks. Younger GS at indoor range that had numbered bull on the target, he started shooting by the numbers (first time, using 40sw) and did a VERY respectable job of it, ~ 25 yds. Took a couple shots to figure out what he was doing. IIRC he was 7-8 at the time.


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Eyes, popper, it is a lot about the eyes.

I'd give a lot to have even my 40 year old eyes back.