Trevor Shooting the 45 Colt today.


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Excellent, Shootist Trevor.

Hint: Learn to count your shots.


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Maybe a little bit of recoil anticipation ?
Never done that before ...... not today anyway .
I guess I haven't watched the videos before . Well done Ben !


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Never been much to count my shots! Always like to be surprised;) Better than walking back to the bench with a loaded chamber.
Seriously...If I count my shots I usually shoot like crap!
I love the way that boy handles a revolver! May have a bit of recoil but he gets back on target fast!


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It does my heart a lot of good to see Trevor running serious calibers so well at such a young age. Good on ya, Trevor--and to his grandfather, as well.

I grew up shooting and hunting. My Dad took me shooting with 22 rifles at age 7, and on one of those trips I fired my first handgun--the Colt Bisley Model x 4-3/4" in 32/20 WCF. It now resides in my safe at home, and goes out to play from time to time. When I was young, that Colt seemed kinda heavy and my arms tired out after 5 rounds--but after a couple minutes of rest I was rarin' to go again. Dad and his partner Leo Reyes (who would later become my reloading and casting mentor) got a lot of smiles over my enthusiasm and willingness to try just about anything shooting-related. I had a hunting license at age 10, and 54 years on I still hunt as frequently as health and finances will allow. Most of my hunting was shotgun-related, first with a 410 bore single shot and after Christmas 1967 with a Winchester Model 1200 x 12 gauge. I still have both shotguns, of course--and a few others to boot. I don't say a lot about shotgunning here, but I REALLY LIKE SHOTGUNS. I reload 12, 20, 28 and 410 shells.
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Some people handle recoil really well. My wife is one. Years ago a group of us were having a "cowboy afternoon" shooting an array of single-action clones and she asked to shoot my Ruger New Vaquero .45 Colt, loaded with standard 255-grain cast at about 90% power. I warned her it stings my hands a little bit and to watch the muzzle flip and middle knuckle. She proceeded to go through a whole box of cartridges, getting on target after the second cylinder, and said "that was fun!" when she handed the revolver back to me. I checked the web of her hand and it wasn't even red. ??? She also shoots an aluminum 1911 like a champ. IDK.


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I am less recoil tolerant, somewhat nowdays than I used to be. One thing that is there, but doesn't
SEEM to be directly affecting this is a bony bump growing just behind the outboard bulge in the hand
bone if my trigger finger. Recoil loads are 90 degrees to this, and it never feels painful there, but I just feel
the hotter .44 Mag load in the Mtn Gun more these days.
My wife does pretty well, too.
Since the 329 (26 oz .44 mag) is a bear removal tool on our backpacking expeditions in griz
country, she MAY have to use it sometime in some sort of a rolling disaster of unforseeable
events. So, I wanted her to at least shoot a cylinder full of full power loads. Take my word
for it, this is not much fun. The instruction was to fire all six, double action as fast as
she could get a flash sight picture, as if it was a bear needing persuading. She did it
well, and took the gun out of her right hand with her left, looked at the red palm area,
and said, "Well, that isn't a lot of fun, but I can do it." Which is reassuring for emergency
equipment. She carries the large cannister of bear spray in a chest harness, and I carry the
329 in a crossdraw rig. We both really hope to never need to use either one.

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Like Bill, with age has come less tolerance for recoil. This is particularly with rifles.
Full power jacketed loads in rifles from 6mm on up I can tolerate, but will later
regret same. Handgun about the same. Yesterday, I fired five near max 357M
loads out of my wifes German EAA 2" Bbl for the first time. Don't think I will do
it again. Quite accurate but recoil was a bear. For me at tis stage of my life, I need
not hot mag loads. I recently shot a box of 38S plus P loads, is a couple of my 347's,
and was more than presently supprised with the accuracy, and recoil was quite reasonable.
I am very glad to be shooting loads that I can shoot all day, with cast, thank you very
much. Will not be hunting Africa again, and will be doing more paper punching than
anything else.