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Has anyone had experience with shooting bullets with under cooked PC?

What are the signs? Did you notice a specific fouling? How did you remove the fouling?

While shooting at the indoor range I occasionally got a hint of a burnt plastic odor. The barrel was leaded a bit and had some fouling that was a real bear to remove.

Bullets were baked for 30 min at 400 F. Oven has a PID and was already at temp when bullets were placed inside. This is with powder from Smoke.

Leading was somewhat my fault. I loaded this ammo and didn’t realize until I tried to load it in a magazine that the seating was too long. I repeated deeper but this scraped the sides of the bullets a little.


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the cut in it may have been your problem.
you still have to play by the cast bullet rules.


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I figured that cut would give me grief.
And I have another 100 rounds of them....


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Might try wiping the front band with BLL (or alox). I just remove the bell, no crimp in anything, seating deeper sometimes does break the PC - leading is minor (for me) and shooting a couple jax usually removes any 'stuff' in the barrel.
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Having been interested in PC a read the first 3600 posts in the HTC thread over there ..........
The under done HiTek will wash a barrel and require efforts rivaling lapping to get it out or a $40 AU/litre solvent will wipe it out with a nominal soak/wipe/soak/wipe thing .
I don't know about the rest of the PC stuff . If paint won't stick PC shouldn't but I don't know really .


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If you indeed cooked @ 400 degrees for 30 minutes, I can't see how it was undercooked. I cook for 20 min @400 and thought I might drop back to 15 min. They pass the smash test and that means they're good to go in my book.


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Somewhere the other day I read a post where a guy was testing this with MEK on a rag and wiping bullet testing for color transfer. Smash test seems to be the most acceptable way of testing. Looking for a definitive source of information about PC but still haven't seemed to find it yet.
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Cured PC is removed with MEK or acetone, possibly others. HiTek may wash some color off even when cooked correctly - just use the smash test.