What about the Lyman 358156??


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The 156 is an excellent bullet. The Thompson bullets are certainly Equal to the Keith.
The NOE version with that weird little band above the check Doesn’t do much for me but the actual Lyman is a very good bullet.


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Great bullet. I remember Skeeter recommending this bullet to make +P (or maybe +P+) loads in .38 Special cases in your .357 Magnum because .357 cases were scarce at the time. I need to find that article again. The lower crimp groove allows more powder space in .38 and .357 cases where it can be loaded long (not S&W N frame .357) The upper crimp groove allows using it in the N frames. Since my first revolver was a S&W M28 the 358156 was my second or third mold I purchased. I dies not cast as easy as some simpler designs, but worth the effort. My two cavity likes to be cast hot and at a good pace to keep it filled out and good square bases. I think I’ll dig mine out and cast some.


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I have both the SWC and HP from Lyman. It is the most versatile .38/357 bullet with its dual crimp grooves. If you look at the bullet specific data, it shoots faster than any other .357 bullet with the same amount of powder. This is the only bullet I load for full charge 357 revolvers.


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Had a Lyman two cavity I got from my uncle 21 years ago. Got rid pf it at some point. Kinda wish I would have kept it.


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I just LOVE it.
Accurate as the day is Loong.
I always loaded it Max in .357Mag, and it gave Fantastic Accuracy in My NM Blackhawk 6 1/2" bbl. 6rds in one nice round hole at 25yrds. Just about one inch. Still under 1 1/2" at 50yrds.

I loaded lots of "Skeeter" loads when I started my Own reloading setup. A box of new factory .357mag ammo was almost $10. and a box of brass was $3. The .38Spl brass was free from My Dad.

I've never loaded anything but 2400 under it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

HEY ! CW, those are REAL Pretty.
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Gotta say, this is the one I always fall back on if I am having accuracy or other issues with a 38 or 357 load. I have the original Lyman HP and a 2C solid point. When I applied lube to my 38/357 bullets, I loved this one with the large square grooves in my Marlin 1894C rifle.

I am usually running 2400 behind it in 38 Special or 2400/H110 in the 357.

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I have a single cavity hp, and a double cavity, both gas check shanks are so shallow the check hits the base band before completely seating, make for a puckered base. Aggravating.


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I have a single cavity hp, and a double cavity, both gas check shanks are so shallow the check hits the base band before completely seating, make for a puckered base. Aggravating.
Those are both "older" moulds made for Lyman press on gas checks, not the new crimp on ones. That is why I buy old Lyman gas checks on evil Bay for my old moulds. HTH


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The "Skeeter" load was 13.5grs of old 2400 under the #358156 solid (usually) and crimped in the LOWER Groove.
Probably a grain less with the newer version of 2400.
So 12.5grs - 2400.
I know the max load on 2400 is now down to 14.0grs.


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Now I wanna cast up some more... ;)

Gonna fire up the pots early in the AM before it gets too hot!!!



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The pic of the bullet the OP posted are some I cast and coated some time back. The mold is actually made by NOE and cast a slightly heavier / larger dia. bullet than the original design but not enough to make any real world différance in the load data used. The bullet shoots and expands well with the gas check left off for up to 38+P loads but I use a check for all 357 Mag loads.

I powder coated those bullets using the shake and bake method. Powders used at the time were Smoke Yellow Green and Carolina Blue.

Pre Powder Coat days, 357 Mag. with traditional lube on the left and recovered 38 +P bullet tumble lubed with 45/45 /10 with gas check left off on the right. Alloy used was 50% pure lead and 50% of my COWWs with a pinch of tin.

Bullets can be loaded to almost identical length in 38 Special cases using the lower crimp groove. This also allows you to load light to med. 357 mag loads in 38 Special cases in a pinch if you find it necessary to do so.

The Mold came with both HP and FN pins. I pretty much leave the HP pins in all the time since I have several SWC 38/357 molds.


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Down in the Man Cave, I got a factory made 358156 hollow point mold. From a test run this mold can make some nice bullets. This bullet, the 358156, allows for a nice COL for N frame Smith's, Having to seat a 358429 way too deep for my likes in my 28-2. I'm kicking around the idea of sending it and a 358429 to Eric for updating. I was worried about finding a correct top punch. Got a Star and the problem went away.
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HEY ! CW, those are REAL Pretty

Not CWs, they were stood on their bases to bake. CW does some of the better-looking basket bake bullets I've seen, though, in fact enough that I'm considering at least trying his method for the high-volume, low precision stuff like .45 ACP.

762 is a member of the OCD club like me and a couple others. We also shoot a lot of powder-coated rifle bullets at pretty decent speeds, so the OCD isn't for OCD's sake alone, it just carries over to the pistol side.