White Label Xlox vs Lee Liquid Alox Odors


I was fortunate to find a can of the Johnson’s One Step liquid wax and want to make up some BLL.

Next need to come up with the other part of the formula, and was wondering…

Does the White Label Xlox stink as bad as the Lee Liquid Alox? I realize the White Label would be less expensive, but I’m sure I wouldn’t use the entire jug of WL Xlox.

If they both have the same bad smell, I’ll just get a couple of LLA bottles and be done with it.

I’m not shooting as much as I used to, so don’t need to make up a huge quantity.



"Fragrance" ;)
Thanks for the help. I figgered they would both be pretty much the same. Kind of a "Duh" moment for me, as if they are interchangeable, they probably would have the same olfactory issues.
I'll get the LLA.


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Yep, all the same "stank". However, BLL doesn't smell half as bad as 45/45/10. My suspicion is that the liquid polymer sort of encapsulates the aromatic molecules.


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I smoked Halfzware Shag (rolled) and Mac Baren's latakia blend (pipe) for a lot of years, don't worry about me Ric :)

Still hate the smell of Alox though.


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I like the smell of tobacco, until you ignite it.

Alox smells bad and it gets worse when fired them a gun. Worst of all is NRA 50/50, that stuff stinks when fired.


You guys are real encouraging.
I think I might still have an old wooden clothespin that I can clip on my nose when I work with the Alox/Xlox/Xlax...:)
Ric - it has been awhile since anyone referred to this ole great-grandpa as being "younger generation" - I'll take that as a compliment!


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X-lox is called X-lox because LEE told Glen to stop calling it Alox, even though it come from drums marked Alox on the shipping label and on the side of the drum he was pouring it out of into the white jugs he sells it in.

so my guess is they smell exactly the same except LEE cuts theirs with mineral spirits.


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I have two different tumble lubes based on x-lox. Mostly, I mix the X-lox with a liquid «boat wax», that is basically paraffin wax dissolved in hepane. It still stinks, but is very practical and dries quickly. But I have another mix, where i cut the alox with «Liberon black bison liquid wax»


The Bison wax consists of several different hard waxes dissolved in turpentine. It dries a bit slower. But it smells wonderful, like woodshop- or walking through a pine forest on a nice summer day.

I haven’t found any significant differences between the two lubes on the range. They both seem to work well.