Winchester 556 copper washed

Tomme boy

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Ok, everyone here knows what the com block steel cased ammo looks like when it is copper washed. I ran into some today at the range but the primer did not look right for a com block ammo. I look at them and they are 556 and WIN with a 21 year stamp. I mean these things look like the com block steel cases. Even see the annealing on the necks and shoulder.

Anyone have any info on these? They are brass. And boxer primed. It does not look like any type of corrosion or something that someone did to them. They ALL looked exactly the same. This is a new one on me. I wonder if it is like them purple looking cases they made for training ammo?


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I have picked some fresh ones up from the ground because of curiosity. Ran a file across them and bright brass showed under a thin electro plate of copper.

I did not throw them in the scrap bucket because the scrap guy I used to go to would even throw a fit over nickel plate.


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wow brass plated steel and with the ubiquitous [ha spelled it right the first try] giant,, 'green primer' hole.
a guy sure has to be on the ball going through range brass.