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I have been to both and have never had a bad prescription/experience.

Now, my Dad agrees with you completely. He had developed cataracts and the optometrist he was going to didn’t identify the problem, he couldn’t get a pair of glasses that worked. It wasn’t until he went to a ophthalmologist that he got a proper diagnosis.

Bingo . . . My problem exactly. For 15 years and three different optometrists I had cataracts and didn't know it. None of the eyeglass salesman said a word about it and only recommended I get new glasses twice a year instead of once a year. By the time I took my head out of my hieny and went to a real eye doctor I was legally blind.

Isn't anyone going to convince me that none of those 3 eyeglass salesmen that looked into my eyes didn't/couldn't see the problem. Only interested in selling more glasses.


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I've got cataracts too, just not big enough yet to operate. I'm far sighted, this dr has had trouble in the past fitting me correctly. She'd get it right for close range across the office, but outside I couldn't focus on the stop sign at the end of the block. She swears she's learned what to do, I don't think so.


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if your not comfortable, I'd be making tracks across town to someone else and having a chat with them before letting them look too.


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I say that lady is a quack.

Our optometrist retired and we fired two others before we found one we trust. Several years ago it took an optometrist and the second ophthalmologist to discover I had a retinal tear, and he immediately lazered it.

A framed piece of fancy paper does not guarantee quality work.


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Trouble is, closest non-Walmart affiliated dr other than the corporate one I’ve been going to is nearly 100 miles.

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My optometrist is the one who found the cataracts as they were beginning to form. He referred me to the ophthalmologist to decide when they were "ripe" enough for surgery. The whole time I was getting glasses they would tell me the wait would be a week to 10 days, almost always I got a call that they were ready in 3-5 days. They do things in house.


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Vegetating & contemplating. The sound of thunder and rain, which is rare here, allows me some rest as I have a list of honeydews that would have been keeping me busy.


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Friend of mine here just went through 6+ months of hell with his eyes. He had cataracts, both eyes, and they went from nothing to "I can't see anything" in about a month. Some sort of one in ten million "blossoming" event he was told. Of course this happened right after The Plague hit and everything came to a screeching halt. I was very concerned that he'd get more depressed than usual and go off the deep end, but he and his wife spent a lot of time at their camp where sitting with friends and talking was the #1 pastime. They (his 5 foot nothing wife actually) had to do the crazy screaming psycho witch act a few times to get some action. It was still December I think before the first eye got done and March for the other one. I'm not a medical professional, but I do believe there are limits to covering your backside so much because of a virus that people are committing suicide because they can't get any help. I sincerely pray this nonsense ends soon!

I know I need glasses. The Dollar Store readers I've been getting by with ain't cutting it anymore. I looked at those patent adjustable lens jobs I see the ads for. Likely soft plastic that will get scratched up fast, but I like the basic idea because they'd allow me to focus at the length I need and by the day. I think my eyes vary over the course of weather changes and other natural phenomena, but maybe that's just crazy talk, I dunno. Sure seems like I have to squint more if there is a storm coming though.


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More fencing today. Lord I wish I was 30 again, even 50 would be easier! Everything north of my hips aches. I'm turning into a real wussy boy! Next thing you know I'll have to start wearing gloves or I'll be getting blisters! But, I got that stretch of line fence done. The corner will be another Wedge-loc tee post affair. I did go an get 10 of the longest posts the local TSC had, 7 footers. Helps with the bracing if the angle is more shallow. This corner is in softer rock and not ROCK!!! so I figured every little bit will help. Hit some more of that "solid rock" that I could go 2 feet deep in 30 seconds in. The post hole augur wouldn't touch it though. Gotta say, this line fence is a little straighter that the other. Must be I'm getting the hang of it.

Thanks for letting me vent guys. over 20,000 posts in this thread and thats mostly what I end up doing here. I appreciate it!


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Well got my second shot. Feel drained from my second shot. Have a headache and my arm is sore.Slight feaver.

While out.
Bought a bunch of them Harbor Freight, squeezey wood clamps the hold and stabilize the barn walls. While I made adjustments before I screwed it all solid.

But too wiped now after the shot, and the running.
So in the easy chair, feet up, watching Sea Quest reruns, on Roku.
Mini Barn wall raising can wait.

By the way looked to see if they had hands free magnifying glasses at Harbor freight. Then looked needle threaders, and for Bid Eyed Sewing Needles. No luck.☹️
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My opt...... He has a school degree but it's not a DO ..... I saw my MD , had ultrasounds done for some vision weirdness , head aches , finally went to what was supposed to be THE vision center for the northern half of NV .......

The guy we had been seeing for 30 years asks what's going on , I explain , then on to explaining what I've done who I've seen etc .
He says well I don't know that I can do or see any more or better but let's do a dark room partial dilation and have a look . Bullseye , he finds the problem invests a little more time and effort and I'm not happy , but what a difference it made it seems that I was having vision problems because of BP spikes . It was a horrible time in my life actually ........ So the vessels would blow up and mash nerves causing the eye to contract down to minimal iris opening . That caused a grey out and damaged the retina eventually leaving a hole in my vision . It also took my dominate eye from 15/20 to 20/40 in about 8 months so I have a weird lens that let's me see around the blind spot . I'm dreading having to even attempt to explain this to another eye guy but it's been over 3 years and my glasses are just about spent .....

Macular degeneration is a probability in my not to distant future . So there's that to look forward to . I already find light and small print to be tight companions .


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Our Weather has finally made the NEPA mid spring jump.....50's at night and 70's in the day!
So today I did some planting of tomatoes and eggplant in the Big round garden in one of the beds that has not had tomatoes growing in it in a few years!
The I got 14 of my babies out of diapers and started potty training ( read: Put my seedlings in 5 gallon pots!)
Pretty much all of my usual gardens have got the virus from planting tomatoes in them for too many years! My tiller died last spring so I have nothing to work a new garden...and for me spade forking a new garden is out of the question....Just too painful on my back and neck.
So I decided, since large pots worked in the past, to do much of the tomatoes in large pots with new soil along with my Chile Peppers at least one of each variety of Scotch Bonnet seedlings, and one of each of the 6 other exotic Chile Pepper seedlings.
The Peppers seem to do well in all my in soil gardens as long as I rotate the crops and replace 1/3 Compost on each bed.
Going to work on some "fiver" type raise beds for next season

Finally got the long awaited call so I have an appointment on Monday to get my CC permit renewal! It only took a 2 month wait!
Have not been shooting much because I don't like the Idea of transporting pistols to the range without a PA Pistol permit
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at the price of treated lumber I can see some more Trex boxes in my future.
I have just enough dirt and scraps in the recycle boxes to fill another 8' long 30" high box now.

got some kohlrabi and carrot seeds planted and shifted the winter squash and egg plants out to the green house.
I think I need to up plant the Artichokes since we have about 5-6 weeks before they will go outside and they are at the point where they want to get going.
if the carrots come up well I will start the others out in the open box in another week or so.
I need to get some green bean seeds going here soon, and maybe start a couple of patty pan squash plants.


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Been buying my glasses online from Zenni for well over ten years. Never a problem. Just need your prescription in hand.

We have ordered since the plague started with no unusual delays. They are made in China. However, even though I dislike buying from China, I save around $150/pair, versus locally purchased. I get all the bells and whistles. Progressives, Transitions with premium, sometimes titanium frames. Their most expensive frames are less than $50. Costco can't even supply at their prices.


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I was referred to a local optometrist, he is a sportsman and understood what I needed to have for eye glasses suited for Rifle shooting. He has been great in all other eye related aspects as well. As cheap/thrifty as I am, I surely don't mind paying his prices (double of Sams Club or Costco)...I should admit that my insurance does cover some of my eye glass needs and my Local optometrist accepts it.


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Our Weather has finally made the NEPA mid spring jump.....50's at night and 70's in the day!
So today I did some planting of tomatoes and eggplant in the Big round garden in one of the beds that has not had tomatoes growing in it in a few years!
I too, will be transplanting tomatoes and peppers our weather has seemingly turned the same corner as well.
80s for highs this week. 10 day forecast has mostly 50s for lows at night...with the 24th and 25th nights getting down to about 47 for a low.


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wish I could be that optimistic.
we generally have snow blow through about the last week in May, and then a good week of nights with freezing temps again at the end of June.
it seems like a good idea to get things out when it's close to 70 for a few day's, but,,,, well, seen it too many times.