so waht ya doin today?


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That's ok, Fiver, the trimmer is still out in the shop clamped to the bench and covered in clutter next to the box of cleaned, cut-off blank brass. I haven't touched the settings.

Kevin Stenberg

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I got my fish house out and ready to fill my freezer.
After i got home from the lake. I got caught up with all the bullets i needed to size. Now i have a bread pan full of bullets that need PCing.


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what I can't figure out is why I have so much 7 mag brass.
win short mag I can see I had one of those for about 3 months, but belted 7 mag brass?
I don't know how much I would have if I hadn't of mailed off a bunch a couple of years back.
I don't even recall ever picking any up.


Clean up woodpile on back porch getting ready for a snow storm coming this weekend. Interspersed with slinging arrows. Coco will be providing security services.

Then round up some junky plywood for a concrete form.

Welded up a big honkin steel "I" beam as a grading implement.....the OD width of tractor's back tyres. It has been an excellent woods/driveway/general purpose pce of kit for at least 3 tractors @30 years or so. Been using rolled up lead sheet from xray rooms we used to build 40 years ago as "weights". Anyway, losing the lead.... going with custom fitted concrete. It'll chunk down in the web section of the beamage. To be poured inside shop where there's heat. Casted with an arrangement for mounting(chain eyes)?.... too lazy/old to be wrestling with dumb$hit.

Then..... me and the dog are going hunting. Looks like an '06 CDL day.
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Gorgeous day, about 49 F after 15 F morning. I hit the range for some long needed pistol work. Shot the model 15 Smith, DW 15, Blackhawk 357 and a model 36 about 50 rounds each. I had put a new receiver sight on the 92 and it dialed in OK. [steves gunz safety replacement sight].
I bought a 17 Remington contender bbl last month. It is a 14" that has been extended with a 22 bbl to 16 1/2", came with 400 + bullets. lee dies and 55 rounds of factory for $300. I put an older Simmons I had around the bench on it and it dialed in well settling in for 1" or so at 100 yards. I noticed it is going to need some scrubbing after 20 rounds. I am planning on getting some CFE to try with it to cut down on fouling issues. I didn't take the Chrony but imagine I am loosing at least 400 fps shooting a 16" gun.
Supposed to be 35 for a high tomorrow so maybe I can go hide in an ice house.


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I get to shovel 2-3” of nice heavy, wet snow. Then I can go to work.
Snow is quite pretty. Except on road ways, it isn’t very pretty there.


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Heavy wet snow hitting here this morning, first of the year. Might get an inch. Grandkids are talking about coming down to try to fill their doe tags since it's the last weekend of the late doe season. Rained all day yesterday so I fired up the pot and poured 600 from the new NOE #315 clone. Got quite a few hints from fiver to try out in the old 308


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About 8" of heavy wet snow, and still snowing. Will have to get out and shovel
after a while. Then get the garden tractor out and blade off the parking area.

Fun, fun, fun.

Hmm. Still hunting. Our deer seasons are all over - although there are sometimes a few
special area hunts of a week or so.

My brother called this AM, taking grandson to the range, wanted me to give the grandson
a few tips on shooting. He told me he still had the target from Thanksgiving trip to the
range on his wall at home.

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Was working on my tan on Monday and Tuesday this week. Spraying paint in 65* sunshine.

Saturday morning and its 30* and dropping like a rock. Snow and ice tonight/tomorrow. Calling for up to 10". Prime wandering around predator hunting.


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No shoveling for me..........not that we got any accumulation. Bored sitting at home, recovering from a redo hernia surgery, that was originally done in January 2014. We had some minor freezing rain, yesterday and a cold rain, today. Severe weather threat is pretty much over. Warming trend, next week.

Our archery deer hunting season runs till the end of February, but I'm hanging up the X-bow. Had a nice 8 point run through the backyard at 12:30 PM, following two other smaller bucks. Don't know what spooked them. Cindy and Bella were in the house.


Just checked the weather, -42. I guess I could probably have the range to myself today if I wanted.You could try some of the primer/powder combos that you wondered how they would work in the cold. Inside projects seem to be a better idea.


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Changed oil. Cleaned part of the garage just in time for the wife to bring home some loot from a community rummage sale. Got a $1000 pottery kiln almost new for $80 so I ain't complaining. Cleaned up a little mess of trash and project scrap from in front of the shop and went up the hill to paint the posts and braces I set last weekend. Now its time to crack open the reloading room and work on that mess for a bit. Wish me luck.


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Smokey -

Here is the end result - a M22 x .75 LH thread on the end of a piece of 1" diameter AISI 1045 TG&P rod, cut using the CNC lathe. I did all the other work on the manual lathe - drilling and reaming the interior to .75" and cutting an .875" bearing bore on the other end. One photo shows the access slots and the wrench flats (.875" across) that I cut on the manual mill as the last step.

It took two tools - one to cut the diameter and undercut the thread relief, the other to cut the thread itself - and about two minutes to cut the threaded end. And with CNC every one was virtually identical. We cut them to the specs the engineer at the contracting firm provided so they are all right or all wrong but in any case they are all the same.

Yep, sometimes I get some interesting jobs...

M22 x .75 left hand thread (background is my denim Levi's pant leg)

Piece with wrench flats and access slots cut


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great snag on that Kiln.
I have been looking for a smaller table top one for a while now.
I want it to anneal jackets and to bond cores with.

spent some time putting some stuff away in the garage then measuring and building a box to act as a mold guide for some tall jig and sinker molds.
I was gonna fire up the pot for a bit but the G-kid and the dogs come over so I come in the house to mess around with him for a while.


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Did a brake job on the 4Runner Friday. Finally needed pads. Had to get one rear
disk turned. Not a lot of drama, but slow work. At least inside and heated and
finished before the snow started so had the 4WD available for snow.