so waht ya doin today?


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Hahaha. We have skeeters, Horse flies and Blk Flies. Less Blk Flies here in CT. But we COMPLETELY avoid NH and no Maine till JULY!
Horse flys are few but take CHUNKS a d you actually bleed!

The Blk Flies bite but there are CLOUDS so NUMBERS are there forte.



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Had to go to town today to register an Otter

Never been to Minnesota, but I have heard the lake country is prime habitat for Otters.

Gone fishing and hunting out of a few of them; parachuted from them a couple of times as well... The parachuting was okay, but I much preferred landing with a rifle or flyrod, rather than jumping out with a ruck weighing more than I did for a fun filled government sponsored camping excursion.



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Horse flys are few but take CHUNKS a d you actually bleed!

You haven't experienced horseflies until you've encountered the Chetnik variety that flip your dog tags over to check your blood group before sawing off a roast. Same place with the spiders we called "two pounders". The ones that looked like they weighed that much, and if you stepped on them you could almost feel them pushing back. Ever have a Deutschemark in your hand?



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Biting bugs . I've survived swarms of skeeters , hords of horsefly's , the deer flys , and gnats . None of them have anything on the enduring 36 hr delay 2 weeks of sanity robbing itching and chicken pox looking sores inflicted by the tiny chigger .


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"Biting bugs" are few and far-between in the desert. I count that as a blessing. There are no end of biting/poking/injurious PLANTS here, though. The cholla cacti are the Devil's houseplant, and why the tree-huggers make such a fuss over their preservation is a real question lacking a logical answer. The term "Cholla garden" is ridiculous. I would equate it to "Mosquito hatchery".


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Biting bugs . I've survived swarms of skeeters , hords of horsefly's , the deer flys , and gnats . None of them have anything on the enduring 36 hr delay 2 weeks of sanity robbing itching and chicken pox looking sores inflicted by the tiny chigger .

RB forgot to mention that chiggers are also to small to see with the naked eye. This what they look like. My hat off to the photographer that got this picture, before you can photograph it ya gotta find it. Only one good thing about them is that unlike skeeters and ticks and other biting insects they carry no known diseases. Well, unless ya consider ending up in a straight jacket a disease.


Chiggers do not burrow into the skin, they bite & run to bite again. And again. And again.


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Put kerosene in a spray bottle and mist everything from your belt down, especially boot tops and the inside of your pant cuffs. That will take care of most of the chiggers that try to jump on you. Here in the limestone hill country the chiggers live in the rocks. I've been infested with them numerous times simply by walking down the middle of a gravel or dirt road trying to avoid any grass.


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Got the scope mounted on my son-in-law's .30-'06 Remington 721, but left the bore sighting for him.

Cast a heap of Lee 311-41s, from the six-cavity mould I gave to him and borrowed back. I bought the mould sight unseen and, man, it had endured a lot of extremely hard usage. Perhaps abuse is more apt. In fact, the only thing attractive about it was the price. I spent a considerable amount of time fixing this and that, drilling and tapping for set screws and removing sprue cutter caused galling and raceways. The sprue cutter notch looked like it seen the working end of a cold chisel, and required filing and sanding. Had to drill completely through the sprue cutter hold down bolt hole, and drill and tap for a through bolt and nut, because the mould threads were stripped. All that, but couldn't do anything about the warpage that allows a wee bit of light to peek through the bottom, though there isn't any flashing. It's still as ugly as Chelsea Clinton, but it works and casts good enough for our purposes.


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still chugging along at the final stages of getting everything organized in the office and reloading room/garagepost move. Almost there!


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Having spent much of the first 5 years of my life and most of my 20s and early 30s in the company of horses, I've also had the displeasure of being food for the horseflies.

I'm usually pretty good at learning from the mistakes made by others. Have not yet been a chigger victim.
We do seem to live in "bug central". Had spiders out the wazoo the first year here. I got two Recluse bites. After spraying and setting many glue boards out over the last year, as opposed to seeing a spider (usually wolf or recluse) every couple of days, we're now seeing one every month or two. Because the house was unoccupied for much of the Spring and Summer, by the time we moved in it was almost an infestation.

We got swarmed by Asian Lady Beetles a month or so after after moving in; they weren't bad at all this last Fall.

Early to mid Summer you start seeing scorpions and tarantulas; not so much in the house. Always kind of pictured them only in arid climates. Have to watch the dog because she wants to taste everything.

Even though we have a small pond, we have a lot of toads, frogs and birds which apparently are keeping mosquitoes under control.
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Well I got the first of Phizer's two vaccine shots yesterday, and contrary to the rumor, it does not cause the male's "member" to grow nor fall off. I did get a chill last night but I'm not sure it was the vaccine or the fact that I took the trash bins out to the street in shirt sleeves and it was 20*.
I little soreness in the arm this morning but that is it so far.


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Minnesota is offering the vaccine in a lottery, since there is more demand then shots to give.
I signed up, but didn't get one :(
...but on the plus side, I did get a Doe tag :p
That's a little in-State humor, Kevin and Rally will likely get it, LOL.
Our State likes using the lottery for many things. Also, the State's I.T. department is known for screwing things up.


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you want a good one Jon.
I bought a 3 day fishing license down in Texas and it come with 10 Doe tags.
I jokingly asked where the buck tag was, and got told I had to buy a hunting license for one of those.
I was like well if I got any energy left after beating 10 deer to death with my fishing pole i'll be sure to give that buck tag some thought.