so waht ya doin today?

L Ross

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you want a good one Jon.
I bought a 3 day fishing license down in Texas and it come with 10 Doe tags.
I jokingly asked where the buck tag was, and got told I had to buy a hunting license for one of those.
I was like well if I got any energy left after beating 10 deer to death with my fishing pole i'll be sure to give that buck tag some thought.
Hard to wrap guides on rebar and and it's a bugger to cast.


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Didn't see this till this afternoon, though happened during Tuesday or Wednesday's storms. Won't be easy getting it afloat, because the high tide line is probably 50-yards away and downhill.
1-27-21 Storm Atermath.jpg


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You haven't experienced horseflies until you've encountered the Chetnik variety that flip your dog tags over to check your blood group before sawing off a roast. Same place with the spiders we called "two pounders". The ones that looked like they weighed that much, and if you stepped on them you could almost feel them pushing back. Ever have a Deutschemark in your hand?

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I've got a hand full of those Deutche Marks here too, leftover from a 22 month visit, and some years a whole bunch of those #$%^&&^%%$#@ flies! Damn things eat a guys bauld head up pretty bad sometimes!


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You may have seen this on national TV.
They had a vaccination clinic at the local high school.
There was a snow storm coming in so they shut it down early.
While heading back to Grants Pass from Cave Junction they got stuck on Hayes Hill due to snow.
Rather than waste the 8 doses they had thawed they gave them to any of the other people stuck there that wanted them.
They had an ambulance available in case of any bad reactions.
Those of us that live in rural area s appreciate what we get and not waste it.
I`m not sure where it happened but I heard some 2300 doses were wasted in a city.


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Went to cabelas yesterday and got vortex diamondback 4x12. Spent the gift card kid gave me last Christmas. Mounted on cva in my one piece rings - right on out of the box. Back to range to check it out when the weather and her don't get in the way. Don't know if I'll send the bushnell in for repair - shipping and 10$, not much worth it.


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Steady rain most of the night and nearly all day today. Fired up the pot and poured around 35 + pounds of 452-230TC to augment the supply My son recently picked up a Range Officer 1911 so there will be 2 of us using on them.


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My wife and I lucked out today and we got our first Moderna Vaccine shots! Almost impossible to get an appointment anywhere : So She played a hunch….. We just found out this morning our Civic Center was going to be doing a mass vaccination…. but you needed an appointment ahead of time! Never even heard this was going to happen!!!! It was just a short post on That Face Book thing! and if you were not a follower of the Pharmacy that sponsored it you would have no Idea! We had no Idea! Just heard about it this morning!

So my wife went down about an hour or so before they closed and asked if there were folks that were no shows for their appointment! Yes she was told there were 3 people that did not come for their appointments! So she was able to register Herself and me and I flew down to the place (breaking untold traffic laws!) Got their in 5 minutes and they took us right in! and one other person came in behind us to get the last dose!

Looking forward to a diet of Chinese Food the next few days ( I actual had tofu and eggs for breakfast this morning! ) Must have known we would get lucky!
The good thing is now we are scheduled for the next shot so no more hunting down chances to get it!

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Busted our humps the last couple of days. We were able to use our neighbor's corn field as a landing for the logging operation we just had. After the saw mill bought and hauled 27,500 board feet of saw logs, there were many pieces left shorter than 8' and a couple of full logs rejected for having bad spots and hollows .

Using our tractor with forks, a log tongs, chains and a cant hook, Sue and I managed to finish clearing that field this evening in a freezing rain and howling wind. We loaded four loads altogether on our 16' flat bed trailer. We had also hauled 50 blocks to that neighbor's wood pile. The ground is frozen and has about a 6" snow pack. But we are forecast to get an additional 7" tonight starting with a freezing rain changing to snow. The SE wind was nasty and snow was drifting and stinging any exposed skin. The wood was mostly White Ash infected with Emerald Ash borer. The pieces and blocks, and a couple of logs were heavy, and we were working on a slight side hill as I said with a 6" snow pack. We were grateful when we got done that we had sustained no injuries.

Still need to cut it into stove wood lengths and split it, but by golly, it's out of the field.


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Sitting here at work on the clock, with nothing to do today. Just being here for "if and when" till 5 am.
Makes for a very boring night. Looking at maybe 4 hrs work for my 12 hour shift.


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Sitting here at work on the clock, with nothing to do today. Just being here for "if and when" till 5 am.
Makes for a very boring night. Looking at maybe 4 hrs work for my 12 hour shift.
Been there before. Luckly for me ONLY very infrequently. As when I had one of my guys with an emergency pop up.
But usually sat in my office with two radios a Coffee pot and uTube running... :oops: :D ;)


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When I worked as a pipefitter, for GM, I was on production support. Took care of two whole plants and heat treat, on second (afternoon) shift. Day shift had three pipefitters, cover that much floor space. Same amount of production, on both shifts, I still managed to read a paperback novel, per day...............and trouble shoot the day shifts issues.