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How about a thread with nothing but thread drift?

I'll start:
The mountain lion that was prowling round, two blocks from our house, was captured and re-located. How far away wasn't mentioned, but it's no longer in the neighborhood. Duke and I saw two patches of dark fur, on our walk this afternoon. We were in an area where coyotes roam, so I wonder if the mountain lion and a coyote got into it.


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Sometimes you just gotta pull a wheelie straight thru a thread!


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Since lock down last March, the wife and I have been watching a movie almost every night, except during baseball season. Last night I picked "The Crowd Roars" with James Cagney and John Blondel. Tonight she picks "Transformers" with Sheela Le Beuf. We have VHS, DVD and Blu-ray formats.


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Going to fix my BIL's leak in his base board heating system. Then I can finish the Sheetrock. Fun.

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Today is going to be a no count day. Temp is not expected to get above zero, and that is probably about what I will accomplish today too.


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PH is a professional hunter and Nessie is the Loch Ness monster.


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"A cougar and and a coyote got in to it ".........
I gotta know did the cat have Korean ?
Did the dog have Chinese ?
Did the 40 something lady jump an illegitimate immigration specialist ?
Did the IIS get lucky or just have a disagreement with the older single lady ?

Inquiring mimes want to know !

Drove the 9 miles to work this morning about 25 mph showing 35 on the speedo , been a long , long time since I had both roost and wake over the mirrors .

Been a long time since I scraped the inside of the windows too .