Waht did you cast today?

L Ross

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I used the new to me SAECO pot and it works just as it should. With it I cast fifteen 1/8 oz. jigs with a bait holder and a #4 hook, and twelve 1/8 oz. jigs with the bait holder and #2 hooks. Friday Sue and I caught fish using a 1/16th oz. jig but it is a little light in 16 to 20 feet of water. The smaller hook worked well to catch some nice perch.
While I was casting jigs I had a Lyman 401043 pre heating on a hot plate and then cast approximately 75 bullets that I intend to load with BP for my 1894 Marlin and 1892 Winchester and various and sundry revolvers.


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Well I cast up 50 Lyman 457-191’s, 30 RCBS 45-405’s, and 30 Ideal 375-248’s.
The RCBS was new in the old cardboard box until now and the 375-248 has some roughness on one side in the lube grooves. Probably need to polish it up somehow. Both the RCBS and the Ideal molds were first time I cast with them.





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Hopefully will get them loaded for this weekend to test out. Should have the sights straightened out by then or it will have to delay further testing.
Might have to go to the other end of the spectrum with the 22 Hornet.


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Need some 45s for a couple of toys... lee 45-230gr tl, and some rcbs 45-201 swc whipped up last night after dinner. Tumble lube and going with my green lube (yellow beeswax with marine blue grease) for the SWC... should be fun to test out.


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I fired the pot up early this AM.

I wanted to pressure wash my wifes shower bench and two indoor outdoor carpets and welcome mattes. We had rain forcast and it had not started yet. I just got bench cleaned and the rain started. I finished the carpets with a soaked Tshirt. Good thing it was warm.

I cast up three different balls for a friend with one of these new Rossi Brawlers. Its a 45 Colt/410 single shot.

I cast him about fifty .452, 454 & .457 balls to try in 410 loads. (Its a .452 rifled bore)



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Ran into a problem casting Accurate 401-165 4x Alum. this week and time before that. Mold is really hard to open, plate swings easy, Lee handles work fine. Everything OK when cold. Cleaned this time real well, smoked heavily. Bullets are round, smaller than last time, no base flash, look really good. No problems in the probably 10 times I've cast with it previous. I may try scraping hardened lube from the pins. A/C ECO oil is a bear to remove, sticky? Bullets drop out by a tap on handle. Used a mallet to open plate so alloy should have cooled enough.


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Well, think I found it. Lee handle leg was ground down to fit Accurate molds, but one side doesn't move free in this mold. Must have tightened the screw more than normal, hot Al doesn't help either. Half doesn't pivot like it should. Some more grinding to do.


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Okay I got a question for you guys about 44-40’s. First off I cast up a batch of LEE 429-200’s. I have a 2 cavity, a 6 cavity and a 2 cavity that I had Eric do his magic conversion to a HP which casts a very sweet little HP bullet.
So next feeling certain like I had a set of 44-40 dies on the shelf, but after a quick scan of the shelf I came up with a RCBS set for the 38-40. I was being to think that maybe I had been confused between the two and didn’t have any 44-40 dies.
Well after completely unloading the shelf which was stacked two deep I finally came up with not one but two sets of 44-40 RCBS dies. One set is in great shape and the second set is like new. Couple years ago when I moved into my new room I did a purge of all excess and duplicate reloading equipment. I was being to believe I had sold them in a batch sale I had made.
Well my question is have anyone used the LEE 200 grain in their 44-40’s and how well does it work for you.
I was thinking of .428 to.427 diameter but upon slugging my barrels the Colt Lighting came out at .431 and the old W 92 was .429 or just a whisker under. Very happy with these diameters as I won’t have to do a lot of sizing.
So does this LEE bullet work for you guys? It looks like it will not be to long and it’s the only mold I have that is light enough for this cartridge.