Want a new Rifle


Temecula California
Well tomorrow is my 65 wedding anniversary and thought would celebrate with a new rifle.
Was thinking about a 223 bolt gun.
Have heard a lot about the Savage rifles and was wondering if anyone has any
one and if they know any good or bad to say about them
Also want it for cast only

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Have never had a Savage but wow, I mean just wow. 65th anniversary. Wow such a rarity, congratulations to both of you.


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The older ones are great. Strong stable platform that are relatively easy to change calibers if you decide you are tired of the itty bitty bullets. They are fun to shoot but a bugger. To handle. Wind really. Messes up your day. With the light bullets. They don.t ring the steel very loud either. Have changes over to 6x45 which is .223 necmked up to 6mm. It bucks wind better and seems to be more accurate with cast. Still keep one .223 for donor brass for 6x45s.


Springfield, Oregon
65 is very impressive Sir! Did you have a particular model you were looking at?


Temecula California
If you had your choice between a Rem 700 SPS with a 24 inch barrel and a Savage 110 hunter barrel with a 22 inch barrel which would you choose.
Both are available on Gallery of guns from dealers in my area and price are compatible so it is a matter of choice.
Still have never bought an off he rack rifle (always a junker and then rebuild) so would like every ones input.



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I have several Savage rifles. They are good, accurate rifles in my experience.
The floating bolt head is criticized by some, but is a superior design, permitting
minimal disturbance of the bolt during the firing process and ensuring both lugs
will bear evenly on the receiver. And they can be switched calibers within a bolt
head group pretty easily, too, if that attracts you.

My HB in .22-250 (IIRC, Model 12 or112) will regularly print 1" and under at 200 yds with selected loads.
The newer models have the excellent Accu-Trigger, too.
The least expensive models with the plastic stocks, the stocks are pretty flexible in fhe
forend, so you have to be sure that they don't push against the barrel, and easy thing to
deal with. Some models have really nice aluminum chassis embedded in a higher
grade composite stock, giving extremely consistent action support in the stock.

Congratulations on 65 years of marriage --- many of us won't make it that far, I suspect.

My wife got a Savage .270 to hunt in Africa. I was able to very quickly find a hunting load
with the 150 Nosler Partition which was very accurate, and a practice load with a less
expensive bullet (to shoot hundreds of rounds of practice) that shot to the same point of
aim and accurately, too. Easy rifle to please.

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Congratulations first,that is fantastic.

The R700 has a 1/12 twist and the Savage is 1/8?

I have both. The Remington is definitely slicker action,and a little slimmer action overall..... just a more svelte gun. The Savage,there's a noticable difference between older "flat back" reciever and the newer round back receiver. I have both and honestly, really don't like the newer round backs. Some folks may see it differently.

You're going to hear a LOT about Remington's lack of quality...... and it can get pretty deep. My last 3 came from Buds guns online and could not be happier. And if you want to listen to insiders.... there's a difference in what Walmart gets and what goes through Buds.

The Savages have some design advantages,like floating boltheads and swappable barrels. I don't care for factory Savage triggers.... some folks like them.

Biggest choice is the twist rates. I run the SNOT out of cast through the Remington 223's..... 2600-2800fps with 55g. The fast twist Savage starts to fall off around 2400fps. Both are more accurate than most folks can hold.

Good luck with your project.

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Remington and Savage are both decent rifles, but give Howa a look. Their mini-action 223 can be found at very competitive prices.


Temecula California
Problem solved.
Talked to the gunsmith that made my Creedmoor rifle.With his help and advice I bought the Remington 700
Will take a couple of weeks to get it. Has to be shipped and then do dros , and 10 day wait before
I can get it.
It is California you know . Have to check my character and all before I can get it.
Boy are they in for a rude awakening.



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Ive an Interarms 98' in 22-250 . 50,52,55 gr are great 62s tend to yaw and wander .

Never shot a Remington in any 22 CF .

Stevens 200 is nice , good metal finish probably a drop in in 110 stocks the plastic stocks are bad about 4" ahead of the front action screw .

The Axis needs a different stock . The fore ends are too flexy but if you stay off them they shoot pretty well .

Don't sell a 340 short in 222 or 223 . The 222 I've is amazing , Factory 50s shoot tiny little groups and it's boring to load for , the NOE 225-55 runs well into jacketed speeds .

The Axis and 200 behave much like the others with fast twists , nominal cast is only good for about 2100 fps without HT lino etc . I've enjoyed them and my granddaughters are enjoying them also . We're currently shooting 2.5 gr of Unique and the NOE above for a 22 mag level load that's quiet , about 950 fps and 4' plates at 50 yd are easy enough for nonshooters to jump right into . As you might imagine the recoil is nil and with plugs you can actually hear the hammer fall.

Congratulations on 65 yr with "one owner" that doesn't happen much these days .


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I've got a 22 - 250 in a Remington 700V, that i purchased used in the 80s. It's a real tack driver. Half-inch hundred yard groups with 50 to 55 grain bullets all day long.


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Congratulations on 65 years...WOW.

If you go Cheap, like a Savage AXIS, they have a overly flexible plastic stock, which is just junk.
I bought a AXIS (in 243 win) from Cabela's on sale for $219 and I called Boyds to see if they had a 'Blem" stock that'd fit, they said they'd check...Sure enough, the next working day, I got a call back and I had a choice of a couple styles/colors, and could have either for $99.
The Stock fit the action like the cover on a Swiss watch. This didn't have the accu-trigger, but a google search shows you how to liken the pull by cutting the Spring, for a great improvement, which I did, and I highly recommend doing it.