What Did You Shoot Today?


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There are at least two other "what" threads, but there isn't one exclusively for "What Did You Shoot Today?" So, here goes . . .

Decided it would be a good idea to not slog through the mud from last night's 2" of rain to shoot a rifle at 100-yard targets, so took the Randall Service Model and slogged through only 10-yards of mud on the handgun side. The gun is box stock except for the Pachmayr grips, Torx head grip screws, and a Cylinder and Slide sear spring.

Bullets were cast of 2:1 clip-on:stick-on weights from an ancient Ideal single-cavity 452374, and the load was 4.5-grains of
Trail Boss. Can't remember the reason why I bought the powder, those many years ago, but it never performed to satisfaction till I found the above load and used up whatever was left in the bottle. All 150 rounds made their way from the magazine to the muzzle exactly as Mr. Browning intended and designed.

Fun stuff!


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This is from a while back, but thought I'd add a post to this new thread.
I'll add a "fresh" photo the next time I'm at the range.

The slow twist of this Ruger just loves the short fat Bator.
While that long old steel Weaver target scope looks silly on this short single shot,
it's what the doctor ordered to deal with the Stupid location of the Ruger #3 scope mount location.
outside with loaded bators.jpg

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Ruger Number 3's are such great looking rifles. I also always liked the hybrid Number 13's, a Number 3 action with a Number 1 butt stock and a reshaped lever.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
This afternoon's range session was with the .45-70 Pedersoli/Navy Arms Buffalo Rifle rolling block. Arguably my most hoot-to-shoot rifle.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Shot the .357 Mag. Blackhawk (6 1/2") and New Vaquero (5 1/2") this afternoon. The load was Lee's 358-158, 13.5-grains of 2400 and a mix-and-match lube.
All of a sudden the angels started singing, love was in the air, and this off-hand 10-yard group happened.
Please, do not demand an encore.
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I was wearing ear pro so I couldn't even hear the fat lady singing.
But then only rocks & Dead trees were used for targets.
MP 503 worked good in the bisley.

A piece of painter tape on the grip emblem dehorned the blackhawk 357 nicely.
Then the marlin 1895 in 45-70 finished off the day. It got fed some rcbs 405's & 325u's. Those cracked some fairly large boulders. Could have been because the got a little hot This summer.


Edit: almost forgot. She Shot her every day carry ruger lcr (38 spec. ) till to painfull. Was using mostly the lee 105's w/3.0 gn tite group. Being light as a potato chip, the 105's are very welcome. Thank you Ben for bringing them to my attention.
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My internet is crap. It disconnected.
We were up at the bootleg fire scene. It burned over 413 thousand acres. A good friend stayed at my house for a week while his 50 acres burned.


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didn't shoot nuthin' :(
drove to the range to put some 311041 loads in a 30-30 over my chrony & discovered it had a very dead battery.
helped out with some cleanup around the clubhouse so it wasn't a wasted trip.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
The range was closed for two weeks, so it wasn't till this afternoon that I was able to shoot an old veteran in honor of Veterans Day.

The 6-43 dated Garand that I put two clips through. Korean cleaning rods had eliminated any muzzle rifling, of the '56 dated barrel, so I had it replaced not long after buying the rifle. I wish it could talk. The load was Sierra's 165-grain SBT and 50.0-grains of Accurate 4064. At 100-yards, the 5 1/2" bull was an awfully small dot and not at all conducive for me to shoot the rifle accurately, so no target pictures. Should've taken more clips, though.

Shot the 12X-scoped .223 Ruger American, too, and at 100-yards a 4" diamond was as huge as a rising full moon!