What is your weather today?


High Steppes of Eastern Washington
Here in the northern desert sun rise at 6:03 with a temperature of 37 degrees and 71% humidity. Sunny today with a few thin clouds drifting over from the coast. High predicted 76 degrees and 21% humidity, with sun set at 7:58. Nice spring day with 14 hours of sun. Last average day of frost, so time to get tomatoes in the ground.


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give them another week, maters don't like any cold.

the sun doesn't break the mountain tops until a bit after 7 here.
and it depends on where the Sun is as to when it actually breaks over the top, and as to where it goes down.
sometimes it's in the notch, later it will settle in the saddle over soda hills[july, aug], and in the winter it settles over sheep point to the south.
today looking out the window there's some hazy clouds here and there but mostly blue and the frost is starting to melt as the Sun hits it.
yesterday started out much the same then it dropped hail and sleet in the afternoon.


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Just another spring day in the Ozarks. Low 70's, 8 mph breeze, partly cloudy to hazy sun. Tomorrow low 70's, 4 mph breeze, sunny.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Last night, Weatherunderground had a 30% chance of rain scheduled for 7:00, this morning, and it sprinkled a little while ago..
At the moment, the temperature is 57, with a high of 60 scheduled and an overnight low of 53. The sky will be mostly cloudy, the air is perfectly still, right now, but the wind will get up to about 12 mph this afternoon.

John G

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Raining and mid 30's going to hit low 40's. The rain is melting the snow fast. About 2 to 3 feet in 4 days. Rain is going to change to snow tonight. Fifteen days till buds start to unfold and mosquito's are out.


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45 ish this AM, 65 ish this afternoon. No real wind, slightly overcast.
If only it was like this year round


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sun is up befor me<< hey I am in my rookey year of retirement!! 54 sunny but very breezy today sposta snow tonite---inch or 2..


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Woke up to fairly dense fog that burned off by 8:30, then nice and sunny with wispy horsetail feather clouds. Now, a light wind and wafting fog has appeared. High is supposed to be 68.


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clouds been increasing most all day, it probably hit 50 or so.
I was working up a good sweat piddling around the yard.


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Beautiful day, fertilized the yard, walked all the way around the block (~1/2mi) without hurting. Steak from the grill, her special cinimon twist rolls for desert.


NC Minnesota
Made 54 here today. Wife had her sleeves rolled up doing yard work. Made me a big steak for dinner, because I'm almost through with her shop. Have four shelves to build (laminating 3/4" Oak x 2), need more clamps when glue sets. Went to town today to get a gallon of glue, and few people wearing masks, but not a lot changed. Restaurants are mostly closed, sure miss the Chinese food.