Low vel plain base

About five or six years ago I started shooting in the local milsurp matches(about 25 guys) most were shooting service rounds or loads with nosler custom comps(27 cents a pop), I was the one shooting cast.
I started out using the old standby 16 gr of 2400/4227/4759/5744 and even wc-820 with 311299/314299 and 316299 in 03a3,m1914,k-31and smle, well I soon got tired of feeding gas checks to all of these and switched to plain base and my scores didn't get worse and some of them got even better(I keep all my targets).
Nothing will weed out bad groups as good as five consecutive ten shot groups every time you shoot, i found out when you get close to 22 or std vel speed (1050 to1200 fps the group are better (five times in a row), I have never never beat all the jacket guys, but I've beat a bunch of them, score run from high 280s to mid 290s, some of those guys shooting nosler c/c shoot 298 and 300, but it's lots of fun



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1050 to 1200 FPS is a magic place! Nice accuracy and easy on the neck / shoulders and wallet!
Pretty much where all of my "Low Node" shooting is done!
Jim, using the saeco 632 in the 03 size to 310 or311 with 8.8 of bluedot or 7.8 clays, both loads have got me in the 290s



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How well do you think that velocity window works for .22s? I just got a .223 bolt gun and I'm looking forward to working up a dirt cheap plinking load with un-GC'd bullets and a small charge of pistol powder.
I have done it with a 22 hornet and it was great in casual shooting, I didn't wring it out accuracy wise, 1070 fps or so is what std vel match 22s run so somewhere in that neighborhood should be fine

Fed match is 1080, the cci std vel tgt that I use runs 1070. The fed edges out accuracy in my gun but cci is close for 3.85 a box

Hey fiver, the 30s I shoot in matches including 8x57 1000fps to 1150 target grade, 1150 to 1250 sometimes is ok accuracy never over 1300, and that's just me, I have heard of others going higher, any thing else and I use a gas checked bullet



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that's about my cut-off too.
I have half heartedly tried a couple of trick to go higher then just gave up and put the checks on and jumped straight to about 1800 fps. and started looking for the next accuracy node.