The humble Lee 312155


Northern NY Dangerous extremist...???
You just need to get yourself some livestock with bloat or maybe get into the position where you have to go elbow deep up a ewes backside to sort out some lambs or maybe to repel and turn a calf. Those little pint bottles don't last long in that environment!


NC Minnesota
I always add 20% beeswax to the blocks of canning wax. Makes a softer wax that adheres to the trap better. The real trick is to submerge the trap into the melted wax until it quits sizzling, which means the trap metal is the same temp as the wax. The beeswax should be well refined also for canine traps set on land. You don’t want the canine smelling honey. Won’t take a coon long to find your trap if emits a honey odor. Doesn’t matter on water traps, which are submerged when set.