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California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Saw an originally red but now faded to a dull pink 356 Porsche ragtop Monday. Not a ground up restoration. Not a kit. In a way it's refreshing to see a classic car that's a daily driver and not one that's been restored to a condition that it never was, to begin with.

But, man, oh, man that polished aluminum Morgan I saw Tuesday was an entirely different matter. Still wooden framed, but with aluminum coachwork rather that steel.


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Would never have a red vehicle most especially in the CA sun. Red oxidizes faster than any other color as all those pink used to be red vehicles attest to.


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Early in 1977, I purchased a Chevy panel truck (400 V-8) with Beauville trim in the cab. Did my own conversion for camping. We got married the end of August. Took three weeks and drove out to Yellowstone on honeymoon. Camped, most of the time. I've owned Chevy vans since then. Won't travel any other way. Currently, own two 3/4 ton full size passenger vans. One is outfitted for camping. Limo (dark) tinted glass, all the way around, on both. I can carry as much as Cindy's Colorado pickup with extended bed. Only limitation would be height wise.

BTW, the full size Chevy passenger van has twice the cargo space of a Suburban and is/was $10,000 less. And they are rarely stolen.


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the body shop guy here in town has one almost just like that, only in a much lighter green color.

anyway I seen the dumbest/coolest thing the other day.
a guy converted a school bus into a woodie camper van type outfit complete with wooden doors, which had a screen door inside it, on both the side and back doors that I could see.
I wanted to go look inside it since I could see a wood dashboard from where I was, but he was pulling out of the fuel island.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Did you all see the picture of the Guatemalan color guard, that greeted Camel Ah, and their chrome gas cylinder Garands?