What is your weather today?

John G

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Summer has arrived!! Shaping up to be a normal summer this year.

Today and for the next 2 days low 80's. Rest of the ten day forecast mid to high 70's with on 69* degree day and rain. Nights down to mid to low 50's. Nice!!! I'm hoping Karyn will let me leave the windows open all night.

Last summer it was colder then normal. Got one day at 80* and that was in May of all timing. Most of the summer was mid 69's rarely hit 70 degrees. Lots of rain, crappy summer.


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Clouds came in from the coast last evening, and woke up to drizzle this morning; 0.03" of rain last night. Hope to get up to 0.1" so I don't have to water the lawn for a couple of days.


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75* currently, bright sun streaming in through the bedroom window. Today is supposed to start The Extreme Heat Week, but the predicted 101* is pretty summer-normal hereabouts. You KNOW that news orgs are in a bad way when the weather info is spun up and bloviated.


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I haven't been chigger bit yet. It does seem like the tick population hasn't been hindered in the least by the sub-freezing and even sub-zero weather we saw last February. Have pulled 3 ticks off me, 3 off the Mrs. and 1 off the youngest son. We've caught 3 scorpions in the glue traps thus far. Older son was out yesterday and saw a good sized tarantula; first of the season.


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They go underground and wait out the winter, bout can't get cold enough to hurt them. As soon as the ground warms up they're out looking for someone to dine on.


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104* right now, and we are starting to get thunderheads boiling up over the mountains. We did start the A/C about an hour ago, so all is cool and comfy now. The weather propagandists are calling this a "Heat Warning". We called it "Summer" when I was growing up.


West Central AR
94 blue skys ........ Truck heated a little coming home , little short on coolant I think . Probably needs some antifreeze . It's so wet nothing cools well . Screenshot_20210615-171411.png


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Got hot here yesterday. 118 degrees and it is supposed to continue. It will be hotter in PHX and I have to go up there today so we will see what it is.


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Didn't get to turn the sprinklers off for even one day; got 0.13" of rain over two cloudy days. Heat low pushing up from AZ and NV so will be hot and sunny for next 10 days.


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Dee point is up. Temps 10-12 hotter then yesterday. So Approaching 90 again. Humid day ahead thunder storms probable late aftnoon. Tomorrow lil worse but supposed to "break" Sat overnight and have nice Father's day here.