What is your weather today?

L Ross

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Oh well, it is just the excuse I needed . . . No mowing today. :)
Got the mowing done Friday, but now comes a job I detest, string trimming. I'll be covered in green juice and plant debris. There's a lot to do. Partly cloudy, mid 50's just won't warm up. Big white bass run up on the Wolf River is behind schedule because the water can't warm up. Spending 4 days up there this week to try and stock pile some white bass.


North Central Arkansas
Did some marathon mowing, Wednesday and Thursday, last week. In anticipation of this wet weather. String trimming is even worse here. Besides being covered in debris, throw in chiggers and ticks.


West Central AR
Got my arm chiggered at Moms last week ..........
12-18 gusts to 35 out of the NNW . Grey , promise of rain some hail , got just enough rain to get all the elm seed off the windshield so far .

Paid the guy next door to hit the big mowing , he has a 60' zero turn and makes about half the passes and we just keep running out of days .


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Our neighbor has a 60" zero-turn mower. He owns three properties on our road. Every time he mows his rentals he stops here and mows ours. He does a fine job and we make it worth his while. He's pleasant gent and used to own a gun store. You can guess we don't talk lawn care.


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My Uncle passed away last year. He had been been making kidney cutting grass for over sixty-five years. He also delivered newspapers “on the side” for about sixty years. He did all this while raising two kids, and getting a master’s in mathematics. His day job was a GS-12 engineering position with the DOD writing the Military’s GPS guidance software. In later years the job turned into more of a contractor software debugger.

His last mower was a big zero turn number like you guys are talking about. The cancer finally got him, he was still cutting grass two months before he passed.

John G

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Temps hitting into the low 60's, mostly sunny at 18 hours 30 minutes of daylight and only 3 patches of snow left. Buds came out on the birch trees 5 days ago and just about full leaf this morning.
Running about 10 days late for spring this year.


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Soggy, 3 1/2" yesterday, more for today & rest of week. Drilled some big holes in her flower pots for drainage. Need another 100# of dirt for the front, not draining right. Son got back from redfish trip (Venice, La) and caught some good ones, had a pick of a big ray somebody caught.
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