What is your weather today?


North Central Arkansas
Just had to take the dogs out. Close to a half inch of snow on the ground.
We got about that, too. Nothing on the cement or gravel drive. Ground too warm. Accumulation on the grassy areas and roof. First time we had snow on opening day of sun season, in the ten years I've been here.


Staff member
According to both the local news and my tape measure one inch of that white cr*p fell last night and it probably won't melt for at least 5-6 hours. Also according to the local news that is a new record for the date, old record for Veterans Day was only 2/10 set in 1999.


Alaska Land of the Midnight Sun
According to both the local news and my tape measure one inch of that white cr*p fell last night and it probably won't melt for at least 5-6 hours.
5 or 6 hours! LOL!! My white stuff that’s been here for a month now won’t melt for
5 or 6 MONTHS!!
What a difference a little latitude makes.

Been nice and warm though, mid 20’s, with 6 hours and 30 minutes of daylight.
Supposed to get snow tomorrow and Monday.


High Steppes of Eastern Washington
Fall days are here on the high steppes; lows 20/21 and freezing fog in the mornings warming up to 42/44 with sunny days. Lots of new snow on the ridge line west of town, but dry here.


North Central Arkansas
I'd probably shoot that. Not quite as good as a doe, but he should not have had to many impure thoughts. Neck isn't all swollen and his hocks don't look glazed.
That's at least the fourth time, I let him or his twin, go on their merry way. I find no difference in taste between does or bucks. It's all good. More critical, is how much care you take when doing the field dressing.


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you guys with snow wow looks great but i do not live in it so what do i know. bay area in the 50's so will be casting today maybe even smelt 100lbs of odd ball stuff i have then send to Barry to xray/


Alaska Land of the Midnight Sun
Sunrise at 10:02 today and sunset at 3:15. 5 hours and 13 minutes of daylight.
Basically losing daylight for another 25 days till we are at about 3 hours a day.
Got an inch of snow last night, with more predicted for tomorrow.

L Ross

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Good grief. A week ago when we had opening day of deer gun season we couldn't get above 16°, one week later I see 57°. 40° when we got up this morning. A few years ago this would have been driving me nuts because it is not making ice. I'm okay with it now as I still have outside chores and the mild weather is nice.

Rick H

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Here’s my white world for the last 6 weeks and the next 5 months.
Looks a lot like my drive across the UP of Michigan last week. I decided to drive home pulling a trailer during a 14" snowfall. 50's and raining up there now. Will be heading back this week for the muzzleloader season.
Bow kill on the 13th, not cast bullet. If I look tired it is because we just wrestled this guy out of a deep UP swamp.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
A perfect Spring day. Mostly sunny with fluffy white clouds ringing the bay and hills, windy but not blustery, and a high of 58.
Oops, the calendar says it's the end of November . . . today was a perfect Fall day . . .


High Steppes of Eastern Washington
Crap! It is winter with no Indian summer. Four weeks of freezing mornings, highs in the 40's and clouds blowing over from the coast. Just terrible! My walnut tree still haves leaves on the tree in December! Last year I mowed my lawn the 1st of December.